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Brock Davis playing with his food



I don’t have an Instagram account but if I had one, I would definitely follow Brock Davis. With sooooooo many pictures of food on the internet these days, I found his works on the same subject very cool and very far from annoying. Here are some examples of food he shares on Instagram.




Below are some of his illustration.


Brock Davis: Art, Design, Ideas

brockdavis on Instagram


I take pictures

I’m Here To Ruin Your Kitchen

I’ve been struck by a huge wave generating series of higher interests on things related to foods. To eat is human. However, I’ve never been this excited to cook. Or to constantly shop the ingredients (although I know I don’t have all the time in the world to cook them; at least I have reserves). My boyfriend’s so excited as well concerning this development. ALTHOUGH it doesn’t mean I’ll have the incentives to do this activity when we meet again, dear.

It’s like a therapy. When I cut the garlics, when I pour the olive oil…when I mixed those vegetables…I feel pepped up! 

Second development is related to my amateurish photographical interest. I’ve always thought that food photography needs really good skill and I always applaud people who makes living by doing that: driving people to eat something after seeing mere pictures of it. In the pursue of this divine goal (to convince people to eat), I photographed some cooking experiences of this guy. Here they are:

spaghetti bolognese

lamb pizza on the way!

lamb pizza on the way 2!

lamb pizza