I know that very few people will actually read this page. But just in case:

I have a great/weird interest in construction areas, tower cranes, crime-solving series, toilet designs, and playing cards. Working, dancing and suffering from the defeats of brutal office ping-pong battles are part of my daily routines. I also update this blog mostly from Oslo, Norway, which has been my sanctuary since 2007.

My birthstone is garnet and I don’t actually know whether or not I do things like a real Capricornian. What I know is, being a wife of a loving husband/bestfriend/stalker/boyfriend AND RECENTLY A MOTHER makes me realise that life is a super beautiful journey. I’m a very cheesier person thanks to this man.

Oh well. Thank you for passing by and I wish you a great day.


PS. My recent favourite quote is from E.B. White: “Analysing humour is like dissecting a frog. Few people are interested and the frog dies.” Oh and like many other people I have an Instagram account too.

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