I take pictures, Oslo ✚ Scandinavia


In Norwegian, Grønland means green land or green fields. This is one of the areas in Oslo that I visit the most as this multicultural melting pot offers many choices of goods, imported goods, moreover, imported Asian goods. You can’t really cook any Asian dishes with just salt and pepper, can you? This area is also in the process of gentrification with large building projects in the waterfront area (Bjørvika). Real estate prices may go up like crazy here, forcing families with less money to move out to the suburbs or the exburbs or wherever. One thing about this area is it can be very pretty or totally the other way around. Somebody stole Luba my old bike here. I hated this place and didn’t go there for some time, until I ran out of instant noodles.

P1230942 P1230943 P1230944 P1230939 P1230940 P1230938 P1230945 P1230946 P1230947 P1230951 P1230953 P1230954 P1230955 P1230956 P1230937


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