I take pictures, Oslo ✚ Scandinavia

Kiki (Colombian) and I (Indonesian) are the only ones from the office who need to get a visa to Mexico. YES, due to our super hard work resulting in a really great result, we’re going to Mexico for the Easter holiday next week! Playa del Carmen, to be precise. The thing is, there is no Mexican embassy in OsLo. The closest one is in Copenhagen, where we went to yesterday with the earliest flight from SAS. To sum up the day, Copenhagen on Tuesday was very windy and smelled like dogpoop (there are many theories why it was so). But, still beautiful.

The good news are our tourist visa lasts until 2021 (that’s 10 years, isn’t it lovely?) and we got our KFC. Yeah, there’s no KFC in Norway.

Copenhagen in few hours:

Copenhagen Airports


The streets

Back to Karlstrup


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