News from another star, Oslo ✚ Scandinavia

“Best welfare system 2011” (email of the month)

hei double J`s!!! i cleaned the apartment yesterday and showed isabell here spaces around. and i put the television in the storageroom, cause i was suddenly thinking, when the nrk-lisens-man came around about two yaers ago he wrote down the name of the telly, so if they discover i still got it, we probably have to pay lisens back in time, aswell as a big ticket. and its all in my name. so if you realy need to use it, go ahead, but, be careful and please put it back. also cover it with a blanket or something, cause its near the entrance and easy to see it. i know i sounds paranoid but still, it will be expensive if….
just dont open if you dont know who it is. and if he comes, and you open by accident, try to kill him as fast as you can with the sharpest knife hanging on the magnetic knife holder just inside the kitchendoor. or if all knifes are all dirty, try fool him into the fireplace. apropos fireplace, be carefull and dont burn it all down while im gone. its now high season of house fires. DONT FOLLOW THE TREND!!! NEVER!!!
i left the post key at the table, hallway. tell me fast as possible when electricity bills arrive. i dono but might have to use while in china. did you use gmail in hong kong joao?
hopefully isabell dont freak out and turns into erik artman, i doubt it. (still didnt get all my money back from erik cartman) haha
kan jeg få isabells epost adresse?
ha det fint i det beste kollektivet welfare system 2011!
ill be back!!
ps. dont use the fat and short knife, better to use a slim and long one with a sharp point. aim at his left side chest (your right). stab several times, twist and turn. twist & shout: WE HATE NRK-LICENSE!!!
remember to keep all knifes sharp at all time.

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