Office scrapbook, Stealing words

Some exciting Irish dictum

SERIOUSLY, A QUIZ? Yeah. Just match them, so easy.


“Women don’t like to be pushed, unless in bed.” -My boss, …

“The word hopefully is for wanker! You need to eliminate that from your marketing vocabulary. Change it to I will. I mean, imagine going home to your horny wife and the only thing you could say is ‘Hopefully I can get it up‘??” -My boss, …

“If you are going to mention a name that you know to someone as a reference, make sure these people like each other.” -My boss, …

“If you put your pants down and wiggle your ass, someone will smack it.” -My boss, …

“Oh God internet is exciting isn’t it?” -My boss, …


…, asking a colleague to learn from another colleague, who makes a lot of mistakes but never say sorry nor point the mistake in your face.

…, and one good reason why we go online.

…, hopefully being correct.

…, talking to a colleague with a relationship problem.

…, very wise as always.


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