Music makes you happy, Office scrapbook

It’s a beautiful day?

A: “I hate U2.”
E: “Oh I hate U2 too.”
A: “Why does the music industry love them so much?”
Boss: “Because they are making money.”
E: “But oh my god the lyrics! This is you, this is me, the sky is blue, it is a beautiful day. I mean for god’s sake. When you broke up, what did you listen to? U2. When your father died, what did you listen? U2. When you just got a job, what did you listen? U2. And what’s the song? IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY. Come on.”
A: “I hate U2.

Someone played the whole album of U2 Greatest Hits.

A: “Ugh, is this U2 he’s playing?”
C: “I thought he would be someone who dislikes U2.”
A: “Yeah I know!”

Later, after the music booth had been sabotaged…

E: “What is this playing?”
C: “of Montreal!
E: I think I’m going to lose my mind. What are we listening again?”
C: “of Montreal! Don’t lose your mind please.”
B: “Don’t lose that precious organ please.”
E: “Where do these people come from?”
C: “Canada? I don’t know. Definitely not Northern Ireland.”
A: “Two Door Cinema Club! That’s Northern Ireland!”
C: “Do you think they despise U2?”
A: “Haha! Basically they are in the UK you know.”
C: “Well some people wouldn’t call that UK…yeah OK it is UK, fine.”
E: “Guys, stop procrastinating, start calling people.” *Getting on the phone* “Hi mom.”


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