News from another star, Oslo ✚ Scandinavia

Film fra Sør 2010

G: “Who’s interested to see Film Fra Sør festival?”
E: “Films from the South when you’re in Norway? It’s called films from THE world. And if I see a Sami movie in that festival, I’ll sue them.”

Anyhow. Some of the movies are:

Limite, Mário PEIXOTO, 1931, Brazil

Becloud, Alejandro Gerber BICECCI, 2009, Mexico

Bi, Don`t Be Afraid!, Dang Di PHAN, 2010, Vietnam

The Blue Generation, Garin NUGROHO, Dosy OMAR, John DE RANTAU, 2009, Indonesia

A Brighter Summer Day, Edward YANG, 1991, Taiwan

Castaway on the Moon, Lee HAE-JUN, 2009, South Korea

Coca Mama, Marianne EYDE, 2004, Peru

Dreaming in Blue, Ian PADRÓN, 2009, Cuba

Dry Summer, Metin ERKSAN, David DURSTON, 1964, Turkey

Fuck Off Police Car: Forgive Them for They Know Not What They Do, Bryan LITTLE, 2009, South Africa

Kinatay, Brilliante MENDOZA, 2009, Phillipines

Portraits in a Sea of Lies, Carlos GAVIRIA, 2009, Colombia

Symbol, Matsumoto HITOSHI, 2009, Japan

And A LOT MORE. And I’m sleepy now.

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