Graphics, comics and other magics

My green sofa needs a new friend from Adrenalina

This is a good start.

It looks volcanic, isn’t it? I’m not sure of the bumpy red cushions…

This one is normal. Very normal. I’m wondering about spilling some wine there. Why the hell did I think of that? No idea.

Oh I like this one. Not sure with the white area though, do I have enough space to allow it occupying the corner?

This looks like a larva and it’s not a very nice visuellen Wahrnehmung, in my opinion. Hm, yeah, a larva in my room. Perhaps not.

I’m imagining a slingshot, is that normal? And it’s too selfish to sit alone there. Unless… Well… Nevermind.

This one is nice too, but another green? My room will look like a wide rainforest.

Hm, this could be it! *while also thinking of spilling some wine*

I like this one, but it’s too large. Thanks God their store is located in Italy, otherwise I would go crazy and skip IKEA fo’sho!


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