Office scrapbook

Sunny side up and potatoes for lunch

C: “So, you’re going back home for the weekend. You don’t look so excited.”
D: “It’s been a while not meeting both of my parents at their house. I’m actually more excited for tomorrow – meeting friends.
B: “And the family drama will begin soon.”
D: “True.”
B: “Oh yeah, when I go back home, my mom was like, Your dad treats me like dirt. Then I’m thinking, oh when I can go back to Norway. She then continued, Your dad is a piece of work…
D: “Yeah it’s the same.”
E: “In the Latin America world, we would be involved. Listen to her, dad!
D: “Does it work?”
E: “No. They would yell back at us, Shut up and clean your poo or I’ll make it goes back inside you! Something like that…”
C: “You know, parents only love you because you have their DNA. They need to preserve it.”
G: “No, actually because they want your kidneys.”

The whole table cracked up.


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