I take pictures

People fixing things in the sky

Recently I’ve been sitting by the window of the political science building’s computer room and gazing to the humanistic faculty building quite a lot. In one of those days I caught a view of repairmen fixing the window using super-high crane and an idea flashed in my head: “let’s collect pictures with similar occurrences!” I’m a woman of small-scale projects and currently I’m pursuing two small-scale occurrences/ findings. This people fixing things in the sky post will be the first.

peoplefixingthingsinbratislavaBratislava, January 2009

fixingskymunich1Munich, February 2009

munich2Munich, February 2009

4thfloorOslo, February 2009 (the view that brought up the idea)

fixingosloOslo, February 2009

fixingoslo2Oslo, February 2009

My other project is: people leaving trails,wishing us to follow them. Coming soon.


2 thoughts on “People fixing things in the sky

  1. the picture that brought up the idea is the best one. project is cool too.
    i’ll keep it on mind, but since im still using film cameras and have no money to develope the pictures, it might be that im capable to participate maybe in 2-3 years.


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