News from another star

Dear Kathleen Dummkopf,

You are a very crazy lady and you know it. Yet, I still love you so much. And now I’m missing you, in fact (eller faktisk på norsk). I just received an envelope on my mailbox. It’s without the sender’s name, but somehow I knew it’s from you.

I remember you received NOK 200 on your mailbox couple of months ago, it was from a friend who work in the university. He owned you money for The Haunted‘s ticket concert and didn’t managed to go but still had to pay, of course. I ended up accompanying you to the concert at Garage and get myself bruises from our excessive ‘dancing’. Anyhow. That guy sent the money through mail and I remember saying that I’d like to receive money as well on my mailbox. I remember saying it two times, or more perhaps when we’re drunk – I can’t really recall.

And that’s exactly what inside the envelope. A NOK 200. What so special about it is that it’s a hand-drawn thus makes it a fake one. I always think that you could also go to art faculty instead of spending years indulging yourself with law students.

I went to my room feeling down in the dumps (not because I want real money to buy milk and eggs, Kat) but because I miss my roommates! 

Home alone in Christmas can be really really suck.

Kat's money


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