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Rest In Peace, Spasibar

loppemarkedOne of Oslo’s coolest bar – one of the places I enjoy the most as well – Spasibar was closed last summer when I was back in Pacific. TOO BAD, I didn’t have time to say goodbye. Decorated with psychedelic table clothes with pinks/oranges colours, and a very bold life-size portrait of the Spasibar’s artist/workers dressed as cowboys and made out of 255,000 beads, this place truly reminds its visitors of Russia. Spasibar itself comes from Russian “spasibo” (спасибо) or “thank you”, which they normally pronounce it as “spasiba.” However, couple of weeks ago, they held a loppemarked (or flea market) selling some stuffs from that bar, including the giant life-size portrait! I was so excited to come. I ended up buying a set of Russian postcards and a vintage revolution badge (which featuring someone looked like a young Lenin, as a friend suggested).Kath


cassettesMore pictures are available at my Flickr page.



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