News from another star

Alas! I’m shrew-like ape.

What’s with the title? Oh it’s only one of the anagrams from the name William Shakespeare. Our “Victory Team” has been defeated several times at the weekly Amatøren’s quiz night, and I remember that some questions from my last attendance was the anagrams of some famous people, which were ignorantly given without any significant clue. We don’t hate anagram, but we demand some clues! After getting to know with the Anagram Genius, rearranging letters can be actually fun. And William Shakespeare gives quite a lot of funny anagrams:

I am a weakish speller.

I’ll make a wise phrase.

Willie, sharp as a meek.

I am a killer. Was sheep.

Lame Swahili speaker.

A wee phrase? I am skill!

More rearrangements are available at the definitive site of fun anagrams (too bad they only have the genius software for Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP or NT).

shakespeareHello, Shakespeare.

This photo is originally taken from Tabbi Kat on Flickr.


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