I take pictures, News from another star


The global economy is collapsing, the US forces remain “busy” in Iraq, Afghanistan is on a sinking ship – during these hellish times, why would Obama want to be the US president, again? However, I’m so content with all of the things happening today! On the same day Obama became the first African-American president, I finished my last exams during this lifetime (or so I hope). It was an oral exam for the International Negotiation/Conflict Resolution course. The topic was classic: the Persian Gulf Crisis 1990-1991. These days, it’s all definitely about US, US and US. I’m glad this election frenzy is over, and I’m glad with the result. Now, everyone can get back to normal life. But while I only have to wash the 2-month ignored piles of dirty laundry, the 44th president of the US has to confront the accumulation of seismic challenges, two wars and the gravest economic crisis to afflict his country since the Great Depression.

Good morning, voters.

04voting-rabbit Rabbit Hash General Store, Kentucky. Ed Reinke/The Associated Press      

04voting-sign Harlem, New York. Lucas Jackson/Reuters      

04voting-stripes Madbury Town Hall, New Hampshire. Adam Hunger/Reuters      

04voting-early Alerus Center, Grand Forks County, North Dakota. Eric Hylden/The Associated Press      

Now you all can get back to sleep.


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