A few rambles

A Grand Don’t Come for Free. Also Granddaughters.

This following topic arose on my messenger several days ago, coming from one of my closest high school friends. She said one of our friend had a wedding party last week, following several others last months. Several friends of ours also have newly-born babies, and many of them are on the course of “being-together-means-forever” alias marriage. And how about us? She asked. We’re here, busy working, I said. I’m not surprised hearing those news, since it’s normal. We’re reaching the age when everyone thinks about tying the knots with someone they love or at least possibly can provide enough happiness for almost the rest of their lives. I’ve skipped many wedding parties myself, since I’m currently far from where most of my childhood friends live. I don’t know what I feel: it’s not a regret, but also not a comforting situation I must say. The good thing is (at least for myself), none of my closest friends have any plan to get married soon! Really. It’s quite relieving, actually. I mean from the part that I want to be home and help them preparing for the parties. Now I’m thinking. It’s true. None of them has any plan to get married soon, really. Okay now that’s a repeated sentence. In this case, WHEN sometimes poses as a dangerous question. One of my best friend’s mother said to her, she will arrange an exclusive family trip to Bethlehem, IF this friend of mine decides to get married. My other best friend really wants to get settled, BUT there is no eligible or not-eligible-enough bachelor for her. Either she’s picky, which I don’t blame, or the species of good men has been “eaten” by the early birds and has then considerably declined in our society. I’m sorry for making an analogy to worms. Another friend of mine doesn’t really care for those things. Living the life to the fullest! Husbands are fun reducers! I’m a free horse! Engagement kills! Well well, that sounds exciting as well, I bet. How about babies? Whether some of them want babies but no husbands, or some husbands “but no babies, please,” this general issue itself would be a never-ending dialogue between those who aren’t married, yet.


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