Sidewalk stories


You have stolen the sun. But not from my heart since I’m no MSP. Why can’t you study with the sunshine? Don’t give me reasons especially about your irritable bowel syndrome. And why do you think that I think that you think that I don’t want to stay with you? Don’t think that I’m angry. I’ve never had myself angry since the day my grandmother passed away without me by her side, and that’s even a slow-burn to myself not to anyone else especially to God. On the sixth day I was lost to you and you have prepared to fight the aliens because you thought I was captured by them. I think you’re so funny and I like you so much. And I was confused since you said you don’t want to trouble me because I said things about a boy during the concert. Was I drunk or…I remember not saying anything about those things. You crazy. So it was a misunderstanding and we’ve settled it. You blamed your broken English and I blamed the gay-looking performers. You are in a complicated situation that’s for sure. Complicated as in you’re not even together because she said she doesn’t want you anymore. We both know it’s a bullshit. It’s just the distance and…who the hell doesn’t want you? I want you at least. But anyhow. You are here she is there I am here he is there everyone is here everyone is there you said we can’t resolve anything and it is impossible to explain. Wait…..refrain. It’s actually possible. Anyhow. I don’t care. I can wait until the twenty second. But your last message has shot me right to the pillow. I was so sick. And you can’t read the book if you’re with me?! Our first few seconds lasted forever in our lips and we want more and more and more. Your face become red if someone asks you about me. You’re happy if we can share anything together including my cough viruses. My viral infections. You also want to taste my made-in-German cough syrup which is too sweet for me and I don’t understand why the Germans like it. I don’t care if sometimes you snore when sleeping in my arms. I kissed you when you snore. You said that’s love. I just laughed. You introduced me to Trabant. We hear together Afterhours singing Shadowplay although I still like the original version from Joy Division better. You’re singing “to the centre of the city in the night waiting for you” over and over again it clings to my head. It goes down to my heart. Ossigeno. Oxygen. I’m your oxygen. You wanted to breath me although I smell like the sun after lying all day on the grass. One day you sing “should I stay or should I go?” and I know the song. It’s about an indecisive woman. You said don’t go deep on the meaning, although you like it when we quote each other from songs. “If I go there will be trouble, and if I stay it will be double, so come on and let me know!” I’m still guessing what you mean. But you said “just should I stay or should I go.” Don’t get jealous to our friends. They have free time you have to read for exams. I can meet them for a laugh or two while you curse the books and I curse your books. To ease the stress you cut your hair and I promised I won’t laugh and I didn’t because you look terribly good and I still hate your books. Anyhow. I wanna know what you’re reading. The Psychology of Management doesn’t sound like a bomb… You think that I’m kidding that I want to know what you’re reading, your 20-chapters to go. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. We won’t meet for sure. I’m checking CDs you gave me. You’re looking for missing books. I’m trying to get spaces on my iPod. You’re convincing me to listen to Afterhours. I actually like dEUS the Antwerp-based band and Motel Connection the Italian one. You send me messages on any tools available. I replied to your messages from any tools available. You called me pazza it means crazy. You called me piccola it means darling. I want strawberries. You want vodka lemon. You don’t use famous brand for your underwear. You love chocolate. Your favourite song from the newest Radiohead album is track four: Weird Fishes/Arpeggi. I want to disturb you. I miss you. You miss me. Please bring back the gay sunshine day. While you’re busy at least I can make love to it. You miss me but you’re busy.



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