Sidewalk stories

Alice in the Fortunate Land

AliceOnce upon a time, there was a very lucky girl living in a very unfortunate land. Her name is Alice. Well, she actually wasn’t that blessed during her childhood. In fact, Alice’s life was quite miserable compared to her peers. Suddenly -no one really knows when this happened for the first time- this luck factor came in into her life. Then during her twenties, she proved herself and showed everyone in the very unfortunate land her luck in doing anything. People might say, “there’s no such luck.” But Alice has proved it and she has given hope to people with dreams like her. Some people were also sulking. Alice didn’t care at all about them. She cared more those people with hopes and dreams.

As luck would have it, she got a chance to moved out from the very unfortunate land to a very fortunate land far far away. She felt being on top of the world. So far, that was her greatest stroke of luck. And this new land offered her much of new good fortunes!

Alas, there are too many people born under a lucky star coming to the very fortunate land. Everything favored by Alice seems ordinary to other lucky people, or to other residents of the very fortunate land. Now she’s not special anymore.

Alice is afraid. She now thinks that being here is the worse luck ever! Did she spend too much luck in a too-short time and now she’s running out of it? Whether she wants it or not, she’s preparing herself for the divine messenger to tap her from behind and say,

“Sorry dear, you’re out of luck. Now get up on your used-to-be-lucky-but-now-is-too-lazy ass and work harder. Then you’ll earn your lucky moments again.”


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