A few rambles

Sinking Feeling


It feels like getting some high-voltage electric shocks. It hurts so bad you couldn’t stand not to have the tears. You’ve lost confidence. You’ve lost your directions. What to do next. Where to go next. Should you do this or that. You just feel…hollow.

It’s true that you can’t hit a home run every time at bat. But knowing this fact of life alone sometimes is not enough to calm you down. You had expectations. You had hopes. You had reasons to wake up and swallow your favourite coffee every morning; even without the sun rising properly. Now the sun still doesn’t rise but those reasons have gone.

You’ve told yourself so many times to stop holding impossible standards. Now you’re questioning standards. What the hell is the perfect one? Now you’re angry. Angry to the cheap reality. Cursing the absolut, pathetic truths. The truths that you’re only a part of average statistical figures; because there exists too many people better than you.

Should you just avoid lots of unpleasant pain and agony by completely ignoring the fact? Or simply blocking your heart from those aches? Is it possible for you to do that? It is. But poor you, you don’t have any energy left. So what do you have now?

T H O S E . B I T T E R . E M O T I O N S

I love you so may I remind you this…
You don’t want to be brainwashed by ideals.
You are always at your own risks.
You have to learn to enjoy losing.

Now, do you still want to sink with the boat yourself, or hold on to your life jacket and pull through? How long can you stand to reasons? If you’re still expecting someone to come and rescue, let’s just hope it won’t take forever to wait.


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