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You Don’t Have to Leave Me Alone

“Dear, Please.”

Dear, please turn off the radio and look out the window
They’ve started the war against us
Could you be less ignorant now?
At least we discuss about our destination to run

Or do you want us to dig each other’s grave now?
Because the soil’s still wet it’s a good time to start
Or we just want to scream help and let those bastards raping us?
It’s not going to be easy for me if we settle to that

Dear, please.


“For You”

You have to closed your eyes that day
I was raped tortured and murdered

No thanks to God you survived from that day
I was disgraced, demeaned, do you remember

I am inhumanly cursed as you are now
We are breeding an ancient ghost, remember?

I couldn’t see what you see
You run and put your hands away
I’m only standing
You don’t have to leave me alone

***This was written after spending a whole day studying about rape cases of many Bosnian women (and men as well) by the Serbians from 1992 to 1995. The ethnic war has created these perpetrators, which can be their own neighbours, former classmates or even childhood friends. These rapes were conducted as a way to ‘eliminate’, humiliate, and for the men victims, to ‘feminise’ them. These crimes were done to 50.000 women (no matter how young or old they are) in their own houses, in front of the husbands, fathers, mothers, brothers, the rest of the family, and in front of other neighbours, or also in the rape camp. Most these perpetrators did it to obey the authority and others did it because they were simply criminals. Following the cases, significant researches and publications have been conducted. It’s been more than 10 years now since, and in few years more, these women will have their young sons/ daughters questioning about their ancestry.


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